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023 Safety Pet Dog Electric Fence with Waterproof Dog Electronic Training Collar Buried Electric Dog Fence Containment System

023 Safety Pet Dog Electric Fence with Waterproof Dog Electronic Training Collar Buried Electric Dog Fence Containment System

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023 Safety Pet Dog Electric Fence With Waterproof Dog Electronic Training Collar Buried Electric Dog Fence Containment System


Product : Dog E-Fence Safe System Training Collar

Material : plastic and metal

Six characteristics:

1. Stealth environmental protection - the wires are buried in the ground, do not occupy the place, do not affect the appearance, give the dog more freedom.

2. tone stimulation - When the dog approaches the border, a warning sound is first heard.

3, electric shock stimulation - When the dog is close to the wire, the electric shock function will be activated, and the electric shock will give the dog fear and return.

4, Transmitter adjusts collar control distance and intensity - You can adjust the level adjustment button on the transmitter to adjust the sensing distance and strength of the collar and some time,You can also hang the wires on the wall
5, a wide range of control - up to 5,000 square meters, equivalent to a football field is so big, and variable range, quite flexible.
6. Safe and reliable - Once the wires buried in the ground are damaged, the wire damage indicator will give a loud warning and flash. And the lightning protection device on the converter can avoid lightning strikes.


1. Coverage Area Is 100% Customizable Up to 1.2 Acres 5,000 Sq. Ft. Simply Bury the Wire (Up To 1000 Feet Long) Around the Designated Area Along with the Included Perimeter Flags to Begin Training Your Dog.

2. Pet Collar Fits Dogs 8 Pounds and Up with Neck Sizes from 8 to 20 Inches (Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large Dogs).  Each collar will vary slightly in sensitivity and the difference in range could be 6-12 inches but it will not affect how the system works.  Perform the "Short Loop Test" to determine if the transmitter needs to be replaced or if the boundary wire is broken.

3. Multiple Collar System Where 1 Transmitter Can Pair Up With Infinite Number of Receiver Collars.

4. Collar Receiver is Water Resistant and Rain proof. Receiver Delivers Safe Static Correction Shock Stimulation When Pet Strays Into Warning Zone.

How it works:

1) Wall-mounted transmitter: Transmitter is the central controller to whole electronic system. Make sure the wire is set to a loop.

2) The receiver collar: Receiver (collar) will make a warning beep firstly and then continuous stimulation if your dog attempts to approach wire boundary.

3) How to install the system

*Design your containment area and calculate the amount of wire needed.

*Install the wall transmitter.

*Lay out the perimeter wire.

*Connect the perimeter wire to the wall transmitter.

*Verify transmitter is functioning without problem.

*Set up the receiver and then, test the containment system and adjust the field width.

*Install the boundary wire and training flags.

*Fit collars to your dogs and train your dogs.

Package Including:

• 1 * Indoor wall-mounted transmitter;

• 1 * Power plug;

• 1/ 2/3 * Adjustable receiver collar;

• 1/2/3* 6 Volt battery for collar;

• 1 * boundary wire of 300 metres;

• 2 * Extra metal contact points;

• 20 * Training flags;

• 1 * Test bulb;

• 4 * screws;

• 1 * User's manual.


1, the dog is only for dogs.

2, low battery may cause intermittent operation. Do not use when you feel low.
3, let your dog adapt to the collar before you start training. You should allow your dog to accept the collar as a part of her life.
4, Do not let the collar receiver over your pet for more than 12 hours a day.
5, when the collar in your dog, do not set the program.
6, electronic dog only for use under the supervision of the dog owner.
7, away from children can touch the place.
8, Please read all instructions before using this product.

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