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High Flow Mesh Filter Media Bags - Aquatic Bags for Filter Media (High Flow, 3" X 4" - 4 Pack)

High Flow Mesh Filter Media Bags - Aquatic Bags for Filter Media (High Flow, 3" X 4" - 4 Pack)

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  • UNIVERSAL BIO MEDIA BAG: Aquarium mesh bags fit any medium/large filter media, especially biomedia like pelleted activated carbon, carbon chunks, peat fiber, resins, and any other chemical media. Pick the right size bag to fit your fish tank filter: sumps, canister filters, and power filters. Perfect for your freshwater, saltwater, or reef tank, small or large. Our high flow bags does not work with our Activated Carbon, it's best used with our fine or extra fine mesh bags.
  • SAVE MONEY: Our high-flow mesh media bags fit perfectly in a variety of filters including canister filters, power filters, sumps, wet/dry filters and pond filtration systems. Just fill our economical bag with your favorite filter media.
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE: These unique mesh filter bags are EASY TO FILL AND EMPTY with a top drawstring design to keep filter media secure. Our bags are durable, washable, and can be reused.
  • OPTIMAL AND CUSTOMIZABLE Place our high-flow drawstring mesh bags filled with your choice of media in flowing water. The mesh bag OPTIMAL HOLE SIZE ALLOWS WATER TO FREELY FLOW around and throughout the media. If you require a bag filled with media to be shorter; partially fill the bag, fold it over, empty the part, and tie it off.
  • SECURE BAG CLOSURE: Our custom bags CLOSE TIGHT to prevent loose media from potentially causing damage to your water pump or power filter's motor. The bag is COMPLETELY SAFE FOR BOTH FRESH AND SALTWATER AQUARIUMS.
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