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Lick Pad for Dog, Boredom and Anxiety Reducer for Dog Bath, 3 Pcs Dog Slow Feeder, Super Strong Suction on Wall, Dog Peanut Butter Lick Pad

Lick Pad for Dog, Boredom and Anxiety Reducer for Dog Bath, 3 Pcs Dog Slow Feeder, Super Strong Suction on Wall, Dog Peanut Butter Lick Pad

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  • ONE Very Happy Dog: Stick peanut butter in this dog lick treat mat during a bath and watch your pet’s anxiety drain away. The Pet State 3-piece pet licking mat includes one green bone-shaped, one red circular shape, and one blue circular shape are designed to help with anxiety and digestion.
  • The Highest Quality: Your pet’s health is most important. Each of our licking mats for dogs was made using Food-Grade Silicone. Each licky pad is highly durable and freeze-free.
  • Helps With Digestion: The intricate design of the mats creates a dog slow feeder mat, forcing them to take their time to eat, improving digestion, and reducing bloating.
  • Super Strong Suction: No falling or slipping for this peanut butter mat for dogs! This sturdy puppy licking pad was made with super-strong suctions, able to attach to tile, porcelain or glass for 24 hours.
  • Easy To Clean: Cleaning this dog licking pad with suction cups could not be easier. To clean, simply peel off the wall and toss in the dishwasher or hand wash.

Product Description


Our Dog Licking Mat provides more incredible Health and Mood-Boosting Benefits for your dogs. Our best friend can help us to become more mindful and appreciate the joy of the presents, we don't want to see our best friend in distress. So, this fantastic slow feeder is an easy way for you to divert your pet's attention without setting up complicated puzzles and make them happier like the way they do for us.

Made of food-grade silicone, these peanut butter licking mats for dogs are designed with bones and waves to create a complex maze with different patterns and textures, they help lock food, forcing your pet to eat at a slower pace. That's much gentler for their stomachs.


1. Large Dog Licking Pad: Diameter 18cm/7.08in. Made of food-grade silicone, the pad is very suitable for cats and medium-sized large dogs, especially for adult dogs who like to lick.

2. Easy Bathing for Dogs: Just apply peanut butter to the dog licking mat and stick it on the wall of the bathroom while taking a bath. You can easily bathe the dog.

3. Powerful Suction Cups: There are 37 super suction cups on the back, which can be perfectly attached to glass windows, refrigerator doors, bathtubs, counters or any smooth and clean surface.


Dishwasher Safe

With numerous suction cups at its bottom, this pet licking mat sticks easily to any smooth surface. This includes walls, windows, or bathtubs made of glass, tiles, and porcelain, among many others.

Despite its intricate patterns, this training toy is quite easy to clean. Just soak it in warm, soapy water after every use. Scrub it with a brush to dislodge leftovers. The mat can also be tossed in the dishwasher


If there’s one thing many pet parents ask us, it’s: “How do we keep food from falling off the mats whenever we place them vertically on walls?”

The great thing about these dog licking plates being made of silicone is they work well with any wet or sticky foods like yoghurt, peanut butter, vegetable puree, cottage cheese, and even mashed bananas. You can feed your pup many delicious treats without them easily falling!


Dog owners love buying accessories for their furry best friends–sometimes even more than shopping for themselves!

That’s why these 3 dog licking mats will make an impressive and exciting present for any fur parent. After all, every dog needs soothing, whether they’re a petite chihuahua or lumbering St. Bernard. These mats make a wonderful surprise for just about any occasion: pet birthdays, housewarmings, the holidays–or just because!

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