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Mini Pet Hair Remover for Car Detailing Supplies, Carpet Dog Hair Remover for Car Interior, Triangle Dog Hair Remover for Auto Detailing, Couch, Furniture, Lint, Carpet(Matte Black)

Mini Pet Hair Remover for Car Detailing Supplies, Carpet Dog Hair Remover for Car Interior, Triangle Dog Hair Remover for Auto Detailing, Couch, Furniture, Lint, Carpet(Matte Black)

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  • 🏆Superior Efficiency: Our innovative triangle pet hair remover makes pet hair removal a breeze. Say goodbye to stubbornly trapped fur on car mats, furniture,couch and more. Experience 10X faster and more efficient hair removal with Analan!
  • 💪Unmatched Durability: Crafted with premium materials, the Analan triangle Pet Hair Remover is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it your trusted companion for years of hassle-free pet hair removal.
  • ✨The Power of Social Proof: Join the growing community of satisfied pet owners who have praised the effectiveness of Analan. Discover the power of social proof as countless customers share their success stories across various platforms.
  • 🌟Effortless and Versatile: Removing pet hair has never been easier. Our triangular design allows for effortless hair gathering from all angles. Simply glide the remover across furniture, bedding, and more, and watch as years of embedded fur are collected in a snap.
  • ♻️Eco-Friendly and Easy to Clean: We believe in sustainability. That's why the Analan Triangular Pet Hair Remover is designed for reusability. After use, easily clean the remover with water, ready to tackle future pet hair challenges. Help reduce waste while keeping your surroundings fur-free!

Product Description


We updated our new packaging, old and new packaging randomly issued. Please ask us anything you want to know before ordering!

Thank you very much for choosing our ANALAN MINI PET HAIR REMOVER~

  1. We think our product is not perfect, there are still many places to improve! We accept any criticism and suggestions with an open mind, and we want to get your real user feedback!
  2. If the product or color sent to you by Amazon warehouse is wrong, please tell us and help you replace it!
  • Great for removing hair from carpets, fabric sofas, bed furniture surfaces or corners stained by cute cats and dogs without worrying about scratching the surface~

Version 2.0 Update

Comfortable grip design

The triangular pet hair remover with ring-shaped handle (universal size for everyone) makes it very easy to grip and your hands won't feel sore after long hours of use.

A matte, granular, non-slip coating is used on the ring-shaped handle. Even if your hands get wet, you still don't have to worry about the pet hair remover slipping or sliding around.

Special groove design

Unlike the smooth scraping surface design on the market, the rubber groove design allows for faster and more efficient cleaning. The soft silicone and rubber groove design helps to firmly grip pet hair, which can create more friction to catch more fur and fibers in each stroke.

Exclusive patented design

Each of our products and accessories has an exclusive genuine "Analan" logo, which represents our professional level of service , we specialize in the design and sales of automotive detailing and household cleaning tools.

How to use

Step 1

Distinguish between the three densities of jagged edges and select the L edge for the initial cleaning. Then use the M and S size edges for a deeper cleaning.

Step 2

Simply sweep the brush over the hair-covered area to take it away, and it works best when there is an angle between the shaver and the flat surface!

Step 3

Even various corner crevices can be cleared of embedded hair by using the anchor hook with silicone blades.

Step 4

When the hairs are swept into a pile, gently collect them with a vacuum cleaner.

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