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Pet Dog Wireless Electric Fence Containment System Wireless Signal Transmitter Dog Training Collar with Vibrating Electric Shock

Pet Dog Wireless Electric Fence Containment System Wireless Signal Transmitter Dog Training Collar with Vibrating Electric Shock

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Pet Dog Wireless Electric Fence Containment System Wireless Signal Transmitter Dog Training Collar with Vibrating Electric Shock

Product : Dog E-Fence Safe System Training Collar
Material : plastic and metal
It has extrenely long remote control distance up to radius 500 meters. Adjustable Level from 0 to 100 levels correspond to 20 to 500 meters. Waterproof, chargeable, durable receive collar.
If the dog exceeds the range of activities that has been set, the receiver will start its training function automatically, which will remind the dog to return to safe area. Firstly. Vibrating 3 seconds at first and then the punishment of electric shock 4 seconds. If the dog continues to go ahead, vibration 10 seconds and electric shock 4 seconds. Afterward, the dog won’t go ahead when it feels the warning of vibration.
Multiple receivers are acceptable to work with this system at the same time. Digtal display support. Easy to know which the levels is. Three different electric shock levels "strong", medium", "weak". If the collar is in close proximity to the signal source and it is still vibrating, the signal may have been disturbed. Please increase the gear position.
Please Note:
1. After receiving the product, please charge the receiver first. Make sure the product is fully charged before use.
2. Signal instability, need to adjust the gear to more than actual 5-6 gears.
3. As far as possible to use it outdoors. If there is interference when using indoor, set the gears doubled.
4. The receiver is charged on the transmitter, do not use other plugs, because it is easy to burn.
5. If you feel that the electric shock is not enough, you can adjust it on the machine. The receiver has a "tester" that can test for vibration and shock. Turn on the power of the product, turn on the receiver switch, connect the "tester" like a picture (be careful not to be electric shocked), and then go to the farther place. The normal receiver vibrates for a few seconds and then electric shocks for a few seconds.
6. In order to prevent pets from being hurt by electric shock, so the receiver will not always shock shock. After a few shocks and shocks, the receiver will stop working. It does return to normal operation until the receiver returns to the signal reception range.
7.The signal strength of the transmitter can be adjusted freely from 0-100, and the corresponding receiver distance is 20-500 meters. That is, the 001 file corresponds to 20 meters, and the 100 file corresponds to 500 meters. The intermediate value can be adjusted freely.
Training your Pets
Pets will learn quickly to avoid the Barrier Area on their own. However, your pet will pick up on the new boundaries even quicker with a few short training sessions. You can attach a long leash to your pet’s regular collar while he is also wearing the Receiver Collar. Close to the barrier area, hear the warning sound, gently pull your pet leash away from the off-limits area. Reward your pet with praise each time he leaves. And your pet won't do it again.
Model: B-39
Type: Dog System
Color: Black
Range: 500M
Neck circumference: Min. 10cm, Max. 70cm
Transmitter: 19.5X15.5X5.5CM
Receiver: 60x36x30mm
Package size: 25x22.5x7cm
Note: Please confirm the amount of dog's neck circumference before placing orders!


1, the dog is only for dogs.

2, low battery may cause intermittent operation. Do not use when you feel low.
3, let your dog adapt to the collar before you start training. You should allow your dog to accept the collar as a part of her life.
4, Do not let the collar receiver over your pet for more than 12 hours a day.
5, when the collar in your dog, do not set the program.
6, electronic dog only for use under the supervision of the dog owner.
7, away from children can touch the place.
8, Please read all instructions before using this product.

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