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Refillable Catnip Cat Toy with Crinkle Sound and Pouch to Insert More Catnip, Set of 2

Refillable Catnip Cat Toy with Crinkle Sound and Pouch to Insert More Catnip, Set of 2

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  • REFILLABLE CATNIP POUCH, CATNIP POD Hidden Inside VELCRO POUCH; Insert Fresh Catnip into the Velcro Pouch.
  • ACTIVE PLAY TIME, CRINKLE SOUND Nose to Tail; DURABLE, Soft and Cuddly Fabric.
  • CATS STALK and CAPTURE PREY: Appeal to Cats Instinctive Desire to Stalk, Attack, and Capture Prey.
  • BROWN OTTER and GREY WOLF measure 10 inches long nose to end of tail, 2 1/2 inch wide body.
  • CLICK ADD TO CART. Be sure to include PICTURES of your cat in your CUSTOMER REVIEW.

3CatS for the love of cats healthy, interactive play. Creating memories. Building bonds. 3CatS is inspired by the love of our cats Oreo, tootsie, and recipe. These girls bring joy to our lives with their silly faces, crazy antics, and purring affection. Fun memories and lifetime bonds are built upon healthy, interactive play. 3CatS branded products will help create those fun memories. Benefits wrestle buddy cat toys appeal to your cat's instinctive desire to stalk, attack, and capture prey. Catnip will attract your cat and encourage play. Crinkle sound makes play more exciting. Size of the wrestle buddy is perfect for cats of all sizes to grab it with front paws and kick with hind paws. Fabric is soft and durable. Tips insert fresh catnip into the unique Velcro pouch and then let your cat smell the catnip. Gently squeeze or shake the wrestle buddy so your cat hears the crinkle sound. Toss the wrestle buddy and few feet away to encourage your cat to stalk and then pounce on it. Hide the wrestle buddy around a corner shaking it to create the crinkle sound. You cat will stalk and attack the wrestle buddy. Features each wrestle buddy comes with a catnip pod hidden inside the unique Velcro pouch. Insert fresh catnip into the Velcro pouch. To find the Velcro pouch, turn the wrestle buddy onto its back and on the right side of the belly you will find Velcro in the seam between the white belly material and the brown/grey material. Filled with crinkle material from nose to tail. Durable and cuddly fabric measures 10" long, 2-1/2" wide body, 5" wide at the rear legs.

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