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Reflective Emotional Support Patches with Hook Backing for Service Animal Vests/Harnesses Large (6 X 2) Inch

Reflective Emotional Support Patches with Hook Backing for Service Animal Vests/Harnesses Large (6 X 2) Inch

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  • Reflective EMOTIONAL SUPPORT dog Patch to make your animal visible and safe at night or on low light
  • These Patches have Hook backing for secure attachment on Emotional Support vests, harnesses, collars
  • Built to Last: Woven of tough polyester material, these durable and sturdy patches last long
  • Unlike Embroidered Patches There are no Threads to Snag and Break. For L-XL animal vest-harness
  • 1 Vest Many Services. Remove Emotional Support tags and replace them with any Albcorp Patch Pattern

Set of 2 EMOTIONAL SUPPORT Reflective and Removable Hook backing Patches for XXS - XS - Sm - M - L- XL-XXL size Animal Vests and Harnesses Why You Should Buy Our Patches? Our Emotional Support Patches with Hook backing allow you to change the identification of your service dog vest or harness in just a few minutes featuring large, reflective lettering that are recognizable even from a distance. Whether you have more than one emotional support or your service dog has multiple jobs, the patches help to indicate its function or status in any time and in any location. You can easily convert an emotional support vest to "IN TRAINING" - DO NOT PET- THERAPY DOG Service animal vests ensure that the public sees your companion as a working dog and not just a family pet. It is essential that the vest reflects functionality or the current status of a service dog wearing it by using the appropriate service dog patches. You Will Also Receive Assistance from knowledgeable customer service professionals Working for more than 10 Yr with pets, to answer your questions about ALBCORP Emotional Support Patches or even more. ALBCORP Service Dog Patches are available in six designs: "SERVICE DOG", "IN TRAINING", "DO NOT PET" EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, SERVICE DOG IN TRAINING and "THERAPY DOG". Each emotional support patch is constructed from durable polyester and has a Hook back. It can be attached to any type of service dog vest that has a Loop strip or sewn on to vests if there is no Loop panel available. These patches make it easy to update your dog's status and help you save money by allowing you to use a single vest for multiple dogs. Do You Need More? Contact us and we will Take Care of You.

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