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Upgraded Puppy Bells Dog Doorbells for Door Knob/Potty Training/Go Outside-Dog Bells for Puppies Dogs Doggy Doggie Pooch Pet Cat for Dog Lovers-Premium Quality-3 Snaps for Length Adjustment

Upgraded Puppy Bells Dog Doorbells for Door Knob/Potty Training/Go Outside-Dog Bells for Puppies Dogs Doggy Doggie Pooch Pet Cat for Dog Lovers-Premium Quality-3 Snaps for Length Adjustment

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  • 🔔You get what you pay for. Our offer is reasonable and realistic. Visible Quality, excellent quality and reasonable price. Unlike those provide unimproved dog bells at high price, we consider more from the customer's point of view.
  • 🔔We upgraded dog bells based on customer feedback. Older version has only 2 lengths, some customer use it on the shortest length and it's still too long for handles that are lower. We increase to 3 snaps/buttons on new version for longer range of length adjustment, now you can turn it up shorter.
  • 🔔Equitable Price and Professional Quality Consistent. Bell are made of premium quality material, the surface of bell adopt Plating coating technology to keep it shine and don't rust. Inside ball is made of premium stainless steel to make jingle sounds clear and crisp.
  • 🔔Solid and Durable. Belt is made from heavy duty nylon material and tested thoroughly for durability. The connection parts are well-made, solid and reliable. Belts are excellently sewed; the connection parts of the bells and snap points are thick made from premium material. No matter how badly the dog destroys it, it won’t break.
  • 🔔.If you don't want to install a dog door on your own door, then choose this puppy bell, it's very convenient and easy to use, and it's fun to interact with your puppy. If hanging the bell on the doorknob causes inconvenient, you can buy our hook, stick it to a suitable position for hanging the bells.

Product Description

Hate Barking, scratching broken the door? Wanna an easier, better way to communicate with your dog/cat or others pets?

Dog scratching doors! Help!

Hate Barking, scratching broken the door? Wanna an easier, better way to communicate with your dog/cat or others pets?

  • Housebreaking and scratching doors are the two main many problems that you will face when you get a new puppy.
  • A dog bell is, simply put a bell hung by your door that your dog can use to signal when she needs to go potty.
  • This is an easier and better way to help you to communicate with your dog instead of instead of bearing barking and scratching.
  • You can hear the gentle tinkle bell and teach them how to signal you when they have to go to bathroom or come back or go to outside.

7 Big Premium Quality and Nice Sounding Extra Loud Bells

  • Sleek silver coating jingle bells are sound great and durable to resist stress from the playful dogs.
  • Bell Diameter: 1.5 Inches
  • High quality bells is pleasant and easy to hear: 7 Loud & Crisp Bells can be heard at least several rooms away.
  • Super strong thicker nylon ribbon to withstand the toughest tugs, scratches, and bites.
  • Belt Length: 41 Inches; Adjustable Belt Length: from 28.3 inches to 32.3 inches.
  • 3 snaps/buttons for longer range of length adjustment, make it adjustable and easy to hang on any door at the height you choose.

Upgraded - 3 Snaps for Length Adjustment

A great and fun way to house train your dog is to train her to communicate to you when she needs to go out to potty is by teaching her to ring a bell. This is best taught after your dog seems to prefer to go outside to potty and you would like to give her a good way to communicate that to you. The dog bell works especially well for dogs who only have only a few accidents or have accidents by the door. Teaching your dog to ring a bell prevents her from needing to resort to such "uncivilized" behavior as scratching on the door or barking to tell you to let her out.

When it’s time to potty train your puppy, you can do more than just teach her that she needs to go outside. You can also train your puppy to ring a bell any time she has to go out. Hearing this bell will alert you that your puppy needs a potty break. It has the added advantage of discouraging your puppy from scratching or barking when she needs to go out. Use the following steps to bell train your puppy.

Continuous feedback and improvement:

We have received some customer feedback about hanging the doorbells on the doorknob. Sometimes the doorbell will be caught when closing the door. Some customers do not like the sound of the bell every time the door is opened and closed. If you are also troubled with these problems, there's a good solution for this: we suggest that you buy our stainless steel hook, stick the hook on the wall next to the door, and then hang the pet doorbell on the hook, it can solve all problems perfectly. This hook is versatile and very practical, you can click on our shop or search stainless steel razor hook to find it.

How To Train Your Dog To Ring A Bell To Go Outside or Potty

STEPS 1. First thing first, introduce the bell to your puppy. Let your puppy sniff it in order to learn more about it and get used to the sound of the bell. Paw or nose. Whatever your puppy picks up first. Arouse your puppy's interest by giving treats and show your appreciation when your puppy does a good job.

STEPS 2. Ring the bell to show your puppy how it’s done. You need to religiously ask your puppy to “ring the bell” every time you go take her outside. Every time your puppy rings the bell on her own, give her a treat. Reward her a second time after they finish going potty.

STEPS 3. Place the bell on the doorknob or on our stainless steel hooks(you can stick the hooks beside the door). Make sure that the bell is firmly attached so that it won't fall out by a simple tug or pull which might scare you puppy.

STEPS 4: Repeat these steps as needed until your puppy knows to ring the bell to go out. Eventually you puppy will associate ringing the bell with going outside. Do this over a week and you puppy will start ringing the bell to go outside. Let your puppy make it a habit.

Tips 1 - Only time do’t ask your puppy to ring the bell is first thing when she wakes up in the morning.Your puppy might ring the bell just to play. If that’s the case you need to teach your puppy“ leave it”. Don’t yell at your puppy for ringing the bell. Your puppy will associate fear with ringing the bell if you yell at him.

Tips 2 - Do this before your puppy's breakfast time so she is more motivated by food. You need the patience to continuously train your puppy. Puppys that love outdoors may take the train faster. Consistency also plays a key role during initial days like, not letting your puppy follow you outside without ringing the bell, giving treats when your puppy doesn’t complete to ring the bell and go outside.

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